Welcome to Seven-Fold Impartation of Abrahamic Inspiration and Motivation Company Limited
Welcome to Seven-Fold Impartation of Abrahamic Inspiration and Motivation Company Limited
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Once, a Nigerian businessman paid for goods abroad. Few months later, he went to the Port to clear the goods. He opened the containers and they were filled with stones and rough papers in place of his goods. Today, he is a wretched man, living a miserable life. (Excerpt from Rev. Fr. Stephen U. Njoku's book). 

Pastor E.  A. Adeboye said, "If you do not give account to man, you will give account to God."  Any success that is not laid on the right foundation can never stand the test of time. The easiest way to crash-land on your journey to the next level, is to erect your destiny on a faulty foundation. 

In one of his books, John Maxwell shared a story about a scientist.  He was a renowned researcher, scientist, and an academician. He researched numerously and publish his discoveries in his national scientific journal. He became famous in his national University because of his research and publications. He received different national awards in his country. Eventually, it was discovered that most of his publications were the ones he copied, pirated and plagiarized from his colleagues in the United States  of America and translated them to his national language. He was totally disqualified when the fact was discovered.

In destiny, sincerity has no substitute. Genuine success can only be built on the foundation of sincerity.  Usman Dan Fodio declared, "Conscience is an open wound; it is only truth that can cure it."  Truth has a long life span but lies survive for awhile. 

Apostle Johnson Suleman noted, "Integrity is the only currency that you can use till death." If you want to make a lasting impact, it must be built on the right foundation. You cannot really shine with another person's glory - it will never take you far. 

WISDOM BANK:  In destiny, sincerity has no substitute

TEXT: Proverbs 23:23

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