Welcome to Seven-Fold Impartation of Abrahamic Inspiration and Motivation Company Limited
Welcome to Seven-Fold Impartation of Abrahamic Inspiration and Motivation Company Limited
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Five Principles To Build Up Godly Homes & Marriages

1. TOLERANCE: Tolerance is very necessary for the success of any marriage. It is one of the principles you cannot do without if you really want your marriage to succeed. Bimbo Odukoya advised, “When you are going out with a guy or a lady, find out those things you cannot tolerate”. If you discover thing you cannot tolerate, the earlier you quit, the better. For instance, can you tolerate a guy or a lady who can commit adultery? Can you tolerate a liar or a thief? Can you tolerate someone who is nagging? These are things that don’t matter but matters a lot. Therefore, when you are going out in courtship, find out those you cannot tolerate and decide on what to do.

“Look before you leap” is a good advice to everyone who wants to have a successful marriage. You can’t find a perfect partner but you must x-ray those things you can tolerate. If you can’t tolerate it, it will terminate your marriage. “Marriage is an institution you will not graduate from, for the rest of your life,” said Benson Idahosa. Wedlock is padlock.

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Choosing A Life Partner

Your most qualify partner is not the one that is tall or short, dark or fair, slim or fat, rich or poor, educated or uneducated but the one that is best fit into your dream and vision in life. As a man, your vision must be big enough to accommodate your wife. When God created Eve, He made her a help mate to Adam. Until you discover yourself, you cannot discover your partner. You need to have a purpose before you make a move to choose a partner. Marriage is not just for sex and enjoyment but for destiny fulfillment.

 There are different kinds of materials in marriage. There are some ladies that are business materials, some political materials some ministry materials and some home materials. As a man, when God gives you a vision, you will know who to carry along. Not all ladies can help you to fulfil your dream. Likewise, ladies not all men can help you to fulfill your destiny. Know what you want and go for it.