Welcome to Seven-Fold Impartation of Abrahamic Inspiration and Motivation Company Limited
Welcome to Seven-Fold Impartation of Abrahamic Inspiration and Motivation Company Limited
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It was Rochas Okorocha that said, “The old age of Methuselah has nothing to do with the Wisdom of Solomon; because where experience stops, wisdom begins.” A wise man is not someone that has grey hair but the one that teaches you a lesson from the one life taught him. For seminars, conference, workshop - in churches, schools and organizations, we are available. Call us today and book a date with us through the above contacts. Be at alert for our monthly seminars. We will communicate the dates and the venue to those interested as soon as possible. Your arrival into this world is not by accident but by divine coincidence.

The greatest thing that can happen to any human being is not wealth but divine purpose. Come and identify with our seminars where the destinies of boys and girls, men and women will be transformed. Iron does not sharpen wood, iron only sharpens iron. Here, we talk about destiny, vision, motivation, dream, purpose, money, health, fitness, knowledge, relationships, marriage, school, work, morality, dressing, job, decency and general life issues. Whether you are in primary school, secondary school or higher institution, you can identify with us. The sharing of knowledge gives room to wisdom. In the seminar, there is time for questions and answers. If you have anything that is bothering you in mind, you can come along with it. We have some experts in our crew from all walks of life with higher experiences that can tackle your questions. As you come, the sky will not just be your limit but your starting point. I believe you can fly; keep soaring.

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